HistoTox Labs has expanded its whole slide scanning, data management, and image analysis for digital pathology services. There is no need for a microscope when using this technology. Our team can create beautiful, extremely high resolution whole slide images of your glass slides at up to 40x magnification. Which then can be seamlessly quantified using Visiopharm® Software and data can be distributed to clients with ease. HistoTox Labs’ image analysis and digital pathology services give you and your organization the resources to review, analyze, diagnose, and share findings easily and in a time efficient manner all from your computer.


  • No microscope needed
  • Diagnostic quality, high through-put resolution images up to 40x preserved digitally
  • Brightfield scanning of H&E, IHC, and special stains
  • Zoom in and out, pan around the scanned slide just like a microscope
  • Images are compatible with several third party image-analysis providers
  • Whole Slide Images can be returned via hard drive, DVD, or reviewed online
  • Simple, secure online access from any web browser, on any computer
  • Evaluate scanned slides, organized by study, all in one place


  • Seamless automated quantification of scanned images using Visiopharm® Software
  • Customizable, reproducible and accurate quantitative data, that can help your organization attain dose response effects among other important scientific results
  • Creation of custom algorithms including: quantifying structures, biomarker quantification, intensity threshold, co-localization, area analysis, H-score and many other histological end-points
  • Data is easily distributed via an excel worksheet as well as a presentation of demonstrative images and procedures

HistoTox Labs digital pathology services provide fast turnaround times, competitive pricing, a staff pathologist offering QC for your scanned slides, and support from our experienced digital pathology experts.